Signs of Sewer Problems: Sinks and Toilets

If a problem exists within your sewer line, you may not know it until you start experiencing issues with your sinks and toilets. Simultaneous clogs and backup are usually indications of sewer trouble, which can become a serious situation fast. A leaking, clogged, or backed-up toilet demands repair right away, along with a clogged bathroom or kitchen sink. Whatever the problem happens to be, Rooter Medic Services is here to remedy the issue and to get the functionality of your sinks and toilets restored.


Kitchen Sink Drains

Little by little, every day, food particles are rinsed down the kitchen sink along with other substances, regardless of the use of a garbage disposal. Some remainders may seem fine to be washed down the drain, but in reality, many of them end up causing clogs, backup, and odor. Grease, oil, and fat, especially, contribute to the majority of drain clogs and are more or less designed to wreak havoc on your kitchen sink. Rooter Medic is here to alleviate clogs while determining the cause. And if something is happening beyond your drain, they will get to the bottom of it, guaranteed.


Bathroom Sink Drains

Bathroom sinks often become clogged from hair buildup and soap scum. You know the feeling when you go to use your sink and the water barely drains. Common clogs like these are usually fixed by removing the sink strainer and getting rid of the substance at the source. A Rooter Medic Technician can attempt to crush the clog by snaking the drain. However, when your sink starts to gurgle or back up, sewer repair or cleaning will probably be the answer.



When your toilet won’t flush, the water starts to rise, and waste backs up, you need a Rooter Medic Technician to come to your home right away. More often than not, a clogged toilet is the result of toilet paper or other object being stuck in the toilet trap where waste normally exists. But when plunging doesn’t help and the water won’t go down, something is probably going on in the sewer line. Rooter Medic Technicians have the right tools, knowledge, and experience needed to figure out the source of the problem in order to get your toilet fixed and the mess alleviated as quickly as possible. They can also unclog your toilet without creating more damage or obstruction.


Sewer Inspection

If your sinks’ and toilets’ symptoms point to a sewer line issue, Rooter Medic Technicians will perform a sewer video inspection to see exactly what is happening deep beneath your yard. A small camera reaches up to 200 feet into your sewer line to detect for blockages, breaks, collapse, etc. As the camera moves through the line, you can view the recorded image and see it all for yourself. Your Rooter Medic Technician will identify areas of damage or intrusion and determine the best next step and solution. So, when your sinks and toilets give you trouble, call Rooter Medic! We’re available for your plumbing emergencies, repairs, maintenance, and replacement 24/7, 365 days of the year.