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Sewer and Drain Service


You never know how nice it truly is to have clean, clear drains and sewer lines throughout your home until you’re standing in a foot of water in the shower or your sink fills up to the brim. When the water won’t go down and odors start to form, you need sewer and drain services for pipes that are always flow-ready. Rooter Medic has everything you need for tough clogs, sewage backup, buildup, blocked pipes, and more.


Drain Cleaning

Cleared Clogs, Clean Drains

When a stubborn clog won’t go away, Rooter Medic drain cleaning does the trick. A line of cable is fed into the drain to loosen up debris and to crush through blockages. Most minor clogs caused by hair and other common particles can be effectively cleaned with Rooter Medic’s drain cleaning snaking method. More serious problems might call for more serious sewer and drain cleaning action.


High Velocity Jetting

Pipes Under Pressure

For clearing heavy clogs and for truly clean pipes, high velocity jetting is the way to go. Your pipes are put under pressure with a water-propelled hose to cut through grease, sludge, hard scale, and other debris. High velocity jetting can also break through roots that often start to grow in pipes. This sewer and drain cleaning method clears out the whole system and doesn’t forget to clean pipe walls, too.


Sewer Video Inspection

Sewer Spy Cam

When sewage backup wreaks havoc on your home, the problem has to be detected deep within the sewer itself where the issue exists. Rooter Medic has the ultimate in sewer camera technology to see what’s happening in your pipes. They feed a miniature “sewer spy cam” into the sewer line to detect for heavy blockages, pipe damage, corrosion, etc. You can see the process for yourself, and your Rooter Medic expert can accurately determine and locate the problem. Sewer video inspection for sewer and drain cleaning might result in pipeline repair.


Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Pipeline Repair Magic

If a sewer camera inspection shows that your pipes have collapsed, settled, become disjointed, or are otherwise damaged, your sewer might be the right candidate for trenchless sewer replacement. This method of pipeline repair is like magic because everything takes place underground, so your yard and landscaping stay intact. New pipe is fed through small entry points aboveground and takes the place of your existing line. When you have brand new, high-quality pipes, you can count on having clean drains and sewers, as well.


No matter what kind of sewer and drain cleaning you need, call Rooter Medic! We’re available 24/7, 365 for all of your home’s plumbing emergencies, routine maintenance, repair and replacement.