Tree Root Removal

While common substances like oils, grease, and grime contribute to most clogged drains and sewer lines, one of the most serious sources is tree roots. When tree roots find their way into your sewer line, a prime place for them to grow, tree root removal will need to be done right away before the problem gets worse. You may not know that roots are growing in your sewer line until signs of sewage backup appear, but the sooner cleaning or removal takes place, the better. Rooter Medic Services offers sewer and drain cleaning as well as root removal for the cleanest, clearest pipes possible.


Pipeline Intrusion

Oxygen, moisture, and nutrients all exist in sewer lines and thus create an ideal environment for tree roots to grow. Breaks in pipes may also encourage roots to enter in the first place. Once tree roots make your pipeline their home, the more damage that can be caused and the quicker the sewer will clog. Over time, mature root growth can lead to broken and collapsed pipes, which then leads to sewer line replacement. Having your drains and sewers cleaned regularly can help to prevent this from happening in addition to effective tree root removal at the first sign of root intrusion.


Root Removal Solutions

Tree roots are often tough to tackle, but effective elimination methods are available. Rooter Medic provides solutions for removing roots and cleaning your sewer line. When roots are removed, clogs are cleared and plumbing throughout your home is restored. Water can flow freely again through every drain, and with no more backup, odors will dissipate.

One of the most powerful tree root removal solutions that Rooter Medic uses is high velocity jetting. Rooter Medic Technicians can do this for your pipelines to clean them and to get rid of troublesome roots at the source. A high-pressure push of water cuts through roots where they’ve entered the sewer line while cleaning out other debris including grease, silt, and hard scale. High velocity jetting generally produces deep cleaning by eliminating buildup and tree roots, leaving you with pipes that are like brand new.


Sewer Video Inspection

Before any attempt at tree root removal begins, a Rooter Medic Technician will take a look at your sewer line using a specialized camera. Reaching into a line up to 200 feet, the camera will record what it sees as it moves through your pipes. You can view the images for yourself, and your plumber can see the extent of the damage and identify the location of the root intrusion. Then the best method for removal, repair, or cleaning is determined.

Rooter Medic can clean your clogs and clear away your problems with tree root removal and sewer and drain cleaning services. We’re here for your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Call Rooter Medic today at 412-347-3595 for all of your home’s plumbing needs and much more!