What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a sewer and drain cleaning method typically used to get rid of tough debris and heavy clogs within a sewer line. A water-propelled hose scours the pipeline, blasting through any obstructions while simultaneously cleaning pipe walls. Hydro jetting machines use a maximum of 4,000 pounds per square inch at around 18 gallons per minute. This type of force makes hydro jetting a much more intense solution than traditional rooting- snaking, for instance- with the ability to leave pipelines as clear as if they had just been installed.


Why Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting tackles grease, sludge, hard-scale, dirt, and other debris for the most effective sewer and drain cleaning possible, aside from total sewer line replacement.  It’s the one method that can leave pipes clear for at least a couple of years due to its thorough performance. While drain snaking is effective in many cases, the best solution depends on the extent of a clog and how much debris buildup exists within your sewer line.

Hydro jetting is also used to break up root intrusion within a sewer line. The force of water pressure cuts through roots at their point of entry and washes them away. Tree root intrusion is common in sewer lines where roots can create serious blockages that lead to clogged drains.


How Does it Work?

Every plumbing system has a point of entry generally known as a “cleanout,” where, in the case of hydro jetting, the hose can be inserted into the pipeline. The specialized hose and nozzle work with your plumbing system to push debris downstream where the line is already clear. When the high pressure water has done its job, you’re left with exceptionally clear pipes and a plumbing system that is ready to flow smoothly throughout every drain in your home.