Sewer line problems can show up in many different forms and affect your home through clogged sinks, backup, and more. Depending on the problem, the right sewer line solution will vary, whether you’re dealing with a basic clog or a more intense obstruction.


A few steps are involved in properly servicing a sewer line:


1. Identify the source

The first step involves locating the source of the clog or backup, which could be affecting the main sewer line or a secondary line and either all plumbing or one fixture in particular as a result.


2. Determine the cause

Once the source is located, next comes finding the cause. In many cases, basic buildup is to blame from common items and debris that can clog drains. In other cases, you might be dealing with tree root intrusion or otherwise damaged pipes.


3. Choose a solution

When your plumber knows specifically what is going on with your sewer, he can decide the best sewer line service to alleviate the clog, remove the blockage, or repair the pipe.


Camera Inspection

Finding the source and the cause of the problem could mean a sewer camera inspection. This specialized tool is fed up to 200 feet into your sewer line where it views and records images, allowing your plumber to see what’s going on as if he shrunk down into the sewer himself.


Sewer and Drain Cleaning

If your sewer is suffering from a basic clog, then snaking could be the answer in order to break up the blockage and clear out the pipes. This can be done for main drains and sewer lines. More intense blockages might require high velocity jetting, which is also used to deal with tree root intrusion.


Regardless of the type of sewer problem you’re experiencing, Rooter Medic has the services you need. Sewer line issues often come with a mess, so your best bet is to address them at the first sign of trouble, with the skilled assistance a professional plumber.