When drains become clogged in your home, it may be hard to tell the exact cause of the problem since you can’t see what’s going on in your sewer line. While you know you will need some kind of sewer and drain cleaning service, you may not know if your sewer line actually needs replacing.


If you have multiple clogged drains and problems, then chances are you’re dealing with a clog in the main sewer line, which affects all of a home’s plumbing.


Signs of a sewer line clog:

- Multiple clogged fixtures

- Toilet bubbling or the water rising when sink closest to it is run

- Water accumulation around a floor drain

- Gurgling drains

- Raw sewage odor from drains


Other signs that could indicate sewer line damage:

- Soggy or raised patches of ground, caused by a leaking sewer line underneath

- Sewage odors outside or in the basement

- Slow drains throughout your home

- Water stains around basement drains

- Toilet water no longer fills up the bowl completely


Sewer lines most often need replacing when the pipes have become cracked, disjointed, collapsed, corroded, or otherwise damaged. Causes include:

- Shifting soil, frozen ground, or settling

- Pipe corrosion, which may cause sections of the pipe to collapse

- Broken seals between pipes that cause water to escape in area around pipe

- Tree root intrusion


If you are in need of sewer line replacement, Rooter Medic has a solution. Trenchless Sewer Repair eliminates the need for digging, which means virtually no destruction to your yard. This method of sewer replacement uses an entry point to feed a new pipeline in place of your old one while bursting through the damaged pipe.


Rooter Medic is ready to fix all of your sewer and drain issues when you’re dealing with clogs and backup in your home. Our Camera Inspection is another tool that can help to determine the cause of clogs and the best solution for your home.