When your home is affected by sewage backup, your health could also be at risk. After all, sewage contains bacteria, viruses, and other germs that can make you sick and your house hazardous to occupy. That’s why it’s so important to clean up immediately after a sewage backup and to get rid of any unsalvageable materials that have been contaminated.


Types of Illnesses

The most common type of illness associated with sewage backup is gastrointestinal distress, as well as skin rashes or infections. Gastrointestinal problems stem from accidental ingestion, whether through inadequately cleaned hands or food preparation surfaces. Skin rashes and infections are caused by direct contact with raw sewage; always wear gloves when handling anything that’s been touched by sewage.


Factors Dependent on Contracting an Illness

The risk of contracting an illness or disease when dealing with sewage backup depends on how much sewage there is, what types of germs it contains, how long it has been in contact with items in a home, and how long a person has been exposed. High humidity and lack of disinfectants can also allow certain bacteria and viruses to linger even after your home has been cleaned.


If you have had a sewage backup in your home and are cleaning up afterward, remember to do the following:

- Wear rubber gloves and wash hands immediately after handling contaminated material

- Wear protective eyewear and boots

- Protect any and all cuts and scrapes; wash and disinfect any wound that comes into contact with sewage immediately

- Do not mix bleach with ammonia when cleaning as it produces a deadly gas

- Dry out the affected space using a sump pump or wet vac

- Use dehumidifiers, fans, windows, or air conditioners to speed up the drying process

- Discard all contaminated items, especially cardboard boxes, paper, books, magazines, carpet, unfinished wood, wallboard, and upholstery


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